Mia - Lead Educator

I joined FEL a few months ago. The journey has been amazing! I have built beautiful relationships with the educators, families and specially with the children. Everyday is a fun day at First Early Learning. I enjoy all the time I spend with our little ones. Skye (Director) is very passionate about our centre and she is always motivating me to do better for the children and that increase my own knowledge too. I enjoy working in a Reggio Emilia Approach Centre, the experiences and rooms are set up to increase the children’s knowledge and I am glad to be able to work in this aesthetically pleasing environment.

Amy - Lead Educator

First Early Learning has been a great company to work for for the past 6 years. From the top of the company to fellow educators, everyone is supportive and encouraging on a day to day basis. I have worked at three of the centres that FEL own, and each are different and offer a variety of styles of learning and experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities that First Early Learning has allowed me to have over the years and look forward to many years to come.

Beau – Co Educator

The workplace culture at FEL is amazing, uplifting and supportive. I’ve never experienced being so welcomed as part of a team. The passion for early childhood education can be seen throughout the business which is reassuring and creates such a collaborative environment. FEL provides opportunities for professional development which have been amazing as realign with my personal reaching philosophy.

Thank you FEL .

Jules – Lead Educator

After working in this industry for 17 years in many centres and roles, I’ve finally found the most amazing centre. I have the privilege of working in a nursery with an awesome outdoor garden and well trained and experienced educators and with the support of management the sky is the limit for our children.