About Us

A sanctuary for learning, development and growth

Educators at FiRST Early Learning thrive on the empowerment of children and early education. Our educators create a safe haven for every child.

We take pride and have respectful understanding that families entrust our educators with their child on a daily basis. It is with this acknowledgement that we provide a home away from home and nurturing environment that fulfills every child’s safety, security and well being.

Our early learning centres across Melbourne are carefully designed, created and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and philosophy along with the vision and core values developed by our managing directors, educators, children and families to deliver an all inclusive sanctuary for children – 6 weeks to 5 years.

Child led program and curriculums

No matter what age and ability your child is when they take their first steps into our centre, we ensure that every child and family feels welcome, safe and secure.

Our centres understand the child as an individual and human being with a range of needs, wants, interests, abilities and languages personable to each child’s journey, working in unique collaboration with families and the environment.

FiRST Early Learning is passionate about the environment as the third educator showing respect and understanding for providing educational all inclusive play based learning environments that promotes, encourages and further develops children’s interests, ideas, theories, needs, sense of self, belonging and becoming.

Our Class Rooms


At FiRST we lay the stepping stones to nurture, build and develop secure and trusting relationships with our nurseries to foster and enhance social, emotional and well being for your child. Every change, growth and milestone is celebrated and encouraged and supported. Our environments and resources are complete with safe and stimulating natural resources and spaces along with separate safe sleeping spaces to best achieve homelike routines.

2-3 years

These early years are an enriching and exciting time in a toddlers life as pathways are opened with endless opportunities for learning and investigating. Self help skills are developed, independence is flourishing and confidence building.

Through observation, research and provocations, children’s interest and learning are continuously expanded as they grow and change.


FiRST Early Learning provides a high quality education to our 3 and 4 year old children. FiRST understands the importance of the child’s first 5 years being the most important in a child’s life, for learning and development. We provide enthusiastic, educated and experienced bachelor qualified kindergarten teachers that deliver the steps needed for quality educational curriculums to build and prepare your children for the next stages in their lives.

Our kindergarten programs are created with intentional teaching and play based learning styles to provide but not inclusive to physical, social, emotional well being, language and literacy, sense of community and connection, numeracy, creative expression and arts, sustainability, science and technology, independence and responsibility to path the stepping stones for their future.