Children's Reviews

Flynn, 18 months – like the pirate boat and green frog ribbit ribbit

Evie, 2 years 3 months – I play with my friends

Sophia P, 2 years 5 months – I like school because it has a Christmas tree, I don’t have one at my house yet

Sammy, 2 years 8 months – all day we go to school, Noah goes swimming all day

Walker, 3 years 3 months – I like school cause I do building with Flynnie and Eli and we ride bikes and Beaver looks after me.

Heath, 5 years 4 months – playing outside, playing on the monkey bars and I like Kodhi.

Sophie B, 5 years 5 months – Cause kinder has Rexxie (pet blue tongue lizard) I like when we learn to read books and keep on keep on reading an then I can do it perfectly and I like my teachers so much.

Sophie, 5 years 8 months – I like about this kinder when I play with Lego and I like this kinder when we graduate. I like to play on the electric white board, also I like to play with puzzles and I also like to play with other Sophie and one more thing …..I like to play on the outside tyre swing and I LOVE you.

Kodhi, 5 years 10 months – playing outside is my favourite, playing with blocks building houses and playing with animals and puzzles and on the monkey bars.